What makes us different? Why choose us over the competition? Meet the Kimberlite Advantage; specifically designed to protect clients not familiar with building standards and materials, from building a house that simply won’t last. It’s easy to spend money on upgrades that people see like Granite & Tile; our job as your builder is to ensure those upgrades are there decades from now with structural superiority.


As you kick off the Kimberlite Experience you will work hand-in-hand with our Design Team; and no, they’re not remote, their real local people just like you! As with most clients, you have a budget in mind, and that’s ok; since we offer a full design-build experience, we can help you realize those budget expectations up-front while still designing a plan that fits your needs. You could always hire a designer or architect that gets paid on the Square Footage of your plan and has no regard for what your cost is after the planning is done; but does that make sense? With over 400 local builds under our belt and hundreds of nationwide plan sales, we’re confident we can get your vision down on paper.

As you move to the construction phase, we’ve got your back; you don’t need to be on-site every day managing contractors or issues. Our process ensures your slab is engineered based purely on the soil right below your slab and backs it with a 10-year warranty. As framing begins so does the process of Zipping the house utilizing Zip System Panels & Tape; the gold standard for residential air & water prevention. We believe in building you a multi-generational home that can stand the test of time and that starts with what you can’t see every day; your foundation & structural envelope play the most important part of that belief.

As we move to the cosmetic phase, we’ve got your back with solid hardwood cabinetry, complete with plywood sides and backs and dovetail drawers, rarely found on any local build. Custom granite selections paired with gorgeous tile options all selected from local showrooms, ensure you get a truly custom finish out unique to you. Pre-defined budgets give you hundreds of lighting, plumbing, and hardware options to choose from, rather than searching out on your own trying to find a reliable vendor you can trust.

As the build wraps up, quality assurance is our becomes the focus; as anyone who has ever built can tell you, the process is never perfect and issues will arise. Our superintendents work directly with you and your assigned Client Relations Specialist to ensure the final product not only meets your expectations but also meets all current applicable codes and standards. Ready to #makethemove, head over to the contact form and shoot us a message so we can set up a quick meeting and get things moving!



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