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Available Positions

Job Description

While the superintendent doesn’t need to have great client relationship skills, his ability to manage relations with Sub-Contractors is imperative. The Superintendent works day-in and out with various subs coordinating the overall construction of a Kimberlite Home. Like any Kimberlite Home, client satisfaction is key; the Superintendent should have a high level of attention to detail. Much like a Chef, the final presentation of the home to the client should be absolutely perfect. With all of this in mind, budgets need to be second nature to the Superintendent, as an overspent job, based on errors, is not acceptable.

How to Apply

All of our application process is handled through the hiring portal at Indeed.com; please click the button below to apply now.

Job Duties

  • Responsible for running the job from start of slab, to customer move-in
  • Manages sub-contractors and ensures completion of work inside of allocated budgets
  • Ensures all homes meet Kimberlite Guidelines and have 100% Pass ratings on all inspections
  • Works day-to-day with Kimberlite Technician with schedule to ensure completion deadlines
  • Works directly with Client Relations Coordinator to ensure all customer issues are handled throughout the build.
  • Responsible for managing deadlines across multiple jobs, and ensure job deadlines are met.
  • Responsible for hiring and finding new subs
  • Responsible for ensuring a home is complete along with all inspections and make-readys
  • Required to manage time lines and ensure timely completions


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